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About the Farm

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What makes Upland unique is the dedication of its owners. For the past seventeen years, Dr Edmund Oettlé and his wife, Elsie, have implemented organic farming techniques. Organic farming needs to be economically viable and sustainable in the long term and therefore making use of natural fertilizers and pest control is not a quick-fix solution, but rather a slow, sustainable process.


The Upland motto plays on the words 'our products don't 'Cost the Earth' and the Oettlé's believe whole-heartedly in the need to be good stewards of the resources which Upland has been blessed with.

The farming techniques they employ have resulted in a vast improvement and richness in the soil, which is reflected in the robustness of their wines.

Organic grapes have small, loose berries, a high skin to juice ratio, and thus greater extraction and flavour than conventional grapes, which might look better and give bigger yeilds, but have less nutrients.


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