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Upland Brandy

The character of Upland brandy is unmistakable: Wafts of dried peaches and apricots, citrus and pineapple are topped by generous vanillas - a depth and complexity of flavour that lingers on the palate, with a dry finish reminiscent of a great Cognac.

Upland Cask Strength is South Africa's first and only barrel strength Brandy, the 10 Year release has been patiently waiting in wooden casks since the estate's first distillation in 1998.

This brandy emphasizes the difference between perfume and Eau De Toilette: this is the perfume. Nothing has been added to this world class product, no colour, flavourants, sugar, not even water. 62% Alcohol - Pure Brandy.

The brandy is made in very limited quantities, hand selected from the finest of each year's produce. Upland brandy is best when savoured neat after a meal, accompanied perhaps by coffee and dark chocolate.

Upland brandy came second in the Guldkorken International Competition in Stockholm.

When enjoying any of the above, it is an added satisfaction to know that the farming techniques employed ensure that Upland products don’t “Cost the Earth”.

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