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Upland Wines

Upland Organic Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tasting notes: Deep blackish ruby colour, very fruity, distinct flavours of plums, black currants and vanilla, with delicate spicy overtones.
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The Port is a delicious desert wine fortified with our organic pure pot-still brandy at mid fermentation, making it the only truly organic estate port in South Africa, as both the wine and the fortifying spirit were grown, made, and matured on the estate.

The fruit flavours are enhanced by the natural sweetness of the grapes, with the oak vanillas from the brandy adding an extra dimension to the wine. The palate is full, but the finish is dry, making it the perfect companion to an after dinner platter of pecan nuts and blue cheese.

Upland's wines and spirits have won numerous prestigious international awards. Click here to see the list

When enjoying any of the above, it is an added satisfaction to know that the farming techniques employed ensure that Upland products don’t “Cost the Earth”.

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